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We Generate Innovative And Creative Ideas

We help you achieve sustainable and profitable growth. Sustainable and Profitable growth always requires dedication and discipline

We are your growth partners. We help you right from formulating your growth strategy to smooth execution of defined strategy

Redesigning Africa’s Industry, Technology And Infrastructure needs

We help industries across private and public sectors create transformations that inspires growth and development

From the C-suite to the front line, we partner with our clients to transform their organizations, embed technology into everything they do, integrate solutions and build enduring capabilities.

We support industry Corporates by helping them define impact and excellence, using our tool to accelerate their brand and high-end services they provide their customers.

We believe that, the better collection of company's purpose is to look closer at enforcing a brand personality with accuracy to enable them gained satisfaction in the cutting edge industry sector

Putting priority to our clientele’s optimal efficiency requires us to transition their profitable aspirations from theory to action, and into the new normal of their next level success...

Our Services

Management Consulting

HR Recruitment


Strategic Training and Capacity Building

Business and Market Intelligence

Interim Management

Digital And IT Infrastructure Services


AI-Group Inc. – True Partner for your industry business related Growth


One stop Corporate Industry solutions Provider Company for “Sustainable Business growth” in Africa


Highly effective and Customized Solutions suited for each client


High Value Addition to Client Business


Value for Money


We work for Customer Business Growth


Our esteemed clients prefers us, because we prioritize:











Value Creation

AI-Group Inc. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

AI-Group Inc.’s Yes We can! Service spirit gives us real standout in our fiercely competitive industry. We are passionate and committed to our Customer business growth. We love what we do!! And as proof to that, we proudly offer a special 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for all our services.

We want you to grow your business with our value added services. So we strive to deliver an exceptional level of performance and services at all times – and any customer requirement is addressed with real urgency and commitment.

We are not just an Industry Management Consulting, HR Recruitment or Business Company. We are Complete Corporate Solutions Provider Company. We are Business Growth enablers to our customers.

We help you Grow. It’s that simple…AI-Group Inc., that’s our promise to our customers!!

Some of Our Partners

Partnership With Clients

We work very closely with our clients to understand and shape solutions, including seconding our people onto client teams. This unique approach provides us with key insights into the challenges that our clients face on a day-to-day basis and help us innovate across products, services and business models to address those challenges

Frequently Asked Questions

What are AI-Group Quarterly main Publications?

Our flagship business publication, “AI-Group Quarterly”, will be the defining and informing disruption in the overall implementation of our services and contribution to Africa’s Development in the senior-management agenda of the firm, designed to separate signals from the noise in the accelerated patterns in Africa’s Industrialization Agenda. There are two components in the over issues that the AI-Group Quarterly will field; the “Magazine” titled “The Africa Industry Captains and Enterprise CEO Journals (TheAICECJournals)” and two parts of the “Related Issues” will focus on;

  1. Monographic Columns (The Energy Mind: De-contaminating Bias Series)
  2. Research Disruption Paper.

The Quarterly publishes across a variety of platforms, and the great majority of our external content is available here on This will include articles, white papers, reports, videos, and podcasts. This site is also the home of AI-Group Quarterly and the AI-Group Inc. Pan African vision Board:

Although we are yet to engage in amplifying the Industry sector on the continent, our commitment is wired with the premium we place on our partners’ and associates’ years of experience. The Quarterly has set the agenda for top Pan African managers globally, to tell their stories and become an inspiration around a mentorship mantra for Africa’s emerging CEOs and SMEs Champions. Our publication will include: articles, video, audio, and other content from AI-Group’s Partners, Associates, Consultants, Vendors, African Industry Professionals and external experts.

The AI-Group Industry Sector Quarterly (AISQ) is our business and economics research arm. Established in 2019, AISQ has a vision to provide leaders in the commercial, public, and social sectors with facts and insights on the up scaling of industrial development trajectory in Africa.

How do we work Responsibly?

Our values guide everything we do as an organization and the choices we make. They inform both our long-term strategy as a firm and the way we serve our clients on a daily basis. We are committed to building a stronger institution that has long-term sustainability and enduring value in Africa and our partners. We hold ourselves to high standards of environmental and social responsibility. We are continually innovating our practices to ensure we meet—and exceed—these expectations. As participants in the United Nations Global Compact, we support the Ten Principles on human rights, labor, environment, and anticorruption.

What Present and Future Does AI-Group Inc. propose?

  • AI-Group Inc. is ambitious. The AI-Group Inc. is a big challenge (which has to be periodically catalyzed to address the continent’s gaps in meeting with the expectations of prevailing fourth industrial revolution). But we also feel that it is now or never, where women and youths are driving the vehicle of Africa’s Destiny. AI-Group Inc. is convinced that to achieve innovative impact and collaboration, we have to think bold.
  • AI-Group Inc. has a pan African approach with the aim to help create synergies between African economies through contemporary industry sector value chains, so that each of Africa’s private sectors finds a purpose and play their unique role in a continent-wide hub, as a center of expertise for some key sectors, as well as a gateway for international investment, intra-Africa collaboration, and as an industrial center of excellence.
  • AI-Group Inc. wants to enable transmission between older and younger generations of entrepreneurs and industrialists, in order for the leaders of today to inspire the emerging leaders of today and the leaders of tomorrow.
  • AI-Group Inc. is outcome-driven. What matters is our progress towards the ultimate goal of a united Africa benefiting from a shared vision of a coordinated infrastructure and development, recognized as a land of opportunity and as a stimulus for Africa’s economic growth.

Can I reprint or distribute AI-Group Quarterly Industry Sector Publications?

  • AI-Group Quarterly users can download and print PDF copies of parts or all of our publications for personal-business, educational, and informational purposes.
  • Academic institutions may request permission to reprint or distribute content on AI-Group.
  • Nonacademic organizations may request permission by writing to Please allow two to four weeks for us to review and reply to your request.
  • We do not authorize the use of our content for promotional, sales, or marketing purposes. Please note that we do not supply customized reprints, hence users are encouraged to contact the AI-Group on

How do I obtain permission to republish an article or an excerpted exhibit?

AI-Group Inc. allows select publications to republish our articles and exhibits, subject to approval. To request permission to republish an article or research reports, online or in print, please write to with the following information:

  • Title and publication date of the article or exhibit you would like to republish
  • Name and brief background of your organization
  • Where online you intend to post the material, the print run of your publication, or the number of photocopies you wish to distribute
  • For excerpted exhibits, details of the context in which the exhibit will appear (for example, the chapter or section and the surrounding text)
  • Contact name for your permissions manager, if applicable

Please note that our reprint licensing policy does not permit altering articles in any way, translating them into other languages, or creating edited excerpts or summaries. We allow select publications to excerpt our exhibits, subject to approval.

We ask that our content be used only for educational, informational, or editorial purposes. We do not authorize the use of our content for sales, marketing, business, or promotional purposes.

To respond to approvals, kindly allow at least three weeks to review your request.

What is the AI-Group Buy Africa App?

The AI-Group Buy Africa app provides mobile access to our shelf products and services (exhibited and listed for sales by our vendors) with a ‘Made in Africa’ quality assurance, including AI-Group research materials, reports and articles from across our industry and functional practices, services, products, inventions and technology solutions produced and designed by Africans in Africa or elsewhere globally. The app will be available (once it is listed) for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Once development is complete, users will be able to learn more here or install the app directly from the Apple App or the Google Play stores.

The AI-Group Buy Africa App will make it easy to browse content by industry, function, region, or theme; save material to your required taste for research, products or service list for usage; share content, product and services via email and social networks; and receive notifications when new contents, products and services are either published, sold, bought and rendered. Optional registration on the app will allow you to personalize industry experience by focusing on listed issues that interest you.

How does AI-Group Quarterlies accept article submission?

While the majority of our articles will be written and designed by AI-Group Partners, Associates, consultants and alumni (from our flagships), we will also accept submissions from external industry thought leaders and practitioners. The bar is the same for all authors: we look for thinking that is novel, useful, and rigorously substantiated. For external contributors, we also attach weight to work that sheds light on topics that are a priority for our firm and to submissions from recognized leaders in their field. This priority is designated to promote Africa Industrialization, no doubt, and this is not negotiable.

To explore whether AI-Group Inc. might be interested in publishing your work, please email us at We will review both drafts and proposals. If your submission holds promise, we will be in touch to discuss the content and clarify our editorial process.

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