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The evolution of industrial development projects by relevant stakeholders to support Africa’s production value chains, has witnessed players in the struggle for economic independence and liberalization of the continent people. This ultimately led to the established of a multi-sector professionals, driven by the commitment to inspire public/private sector partnership and a professional cliché to link investors and innovators, as well as support homegrown industrialization in Africa.

We are a group of Africa’s highly skilled and industry savvy champions and professionals, committed to Africa Industrial and Socio-economic transformation. These industrialists possesses measurable level of experiences in recognition of the fact that the emergence of homegrown pan-African companies represents something very unique in the history and struggle of Africa’s socio-economic transformation. And on the ideal that Africans must act together to promote and harness the continent’s mineral and human resources and potentials.

Africa Industrialization Group Incorporated (AI-Group Inc.) is an industry sector consortium and multi stakeholder firm, bringing together industry captains to drive innovation and technology solutions, solving problems. The Group therefore leverages on several opportunities to promote industrialization and invest in Africa.

AI-Group Inc. has a mandate to ensure partnership possibility in our private sector operations to deliver solutions. We are an infant multi-sector African corporation service providers. We were established informally as an Industry Sector Group on November 20th, 2018 to render industry and infrastructure related services and facilitate trade & commerce in Africa, prioritizing ‘Buy Africa’ consumption mindset.

Our core vision is the promotion of Africa industrial transformation and sustainable growth, enabling Africa businesses to access the AfCFTA market. The Group is led by very experienced Management board, senior partners, associates, consultants and vendors who are focused delivering top notch services and value to clients.

We are interested in Africa’s socioeconomic transformation and therefore commits to facilitate Intra-Africa trade, innovation and competition through research and development. We also support robust linkage between corporate multinationals and small businesses on the continent, drawing a large pool of investment participation from Africans in Diaspora.

The Group is determined to develop sustainable infrastructure management strategy and business development policy framework capable of regulating multiple sector operations in Africa, providing corporate governance guidance and gauging performance of operators and stakeholders.

Our focus targets elimination of barriers relevant with the ease of doing business in Africa, leveraging technology solutions and innovations to close social and economic gaps associated with the challenge of industrializing Africa. With a commitment to encourage investment in technology disruptions in sector growth, our mandate is to facilitate corporate businesses, small to high end deals, drive homegrown production – unique to ‘Made in Africa’ driven by small business, with a huge support from African Corporates.

In two (2) years of business commencement, informally, we have facilitated sizeable number of private industry sector partnership and bilateral businesses. We have become, by our commitment and philosophy one of Africa’s industry sector facilitators/curators inspired to drive innovation, inclusive prosperity, growth and sustainable development for industries in Africa.

As a pro-industry sector firm, we presently have over fifty (50) partners, associates, consultants and vendors, majoring in Strategic Advisory, research and development, Engineering/Technology solution, Trade/Commerce, Infrastructure and Facility Management, Quality and Standard. We have an African and Global presence in twenty (20) countries.

Our management board, trustees, partners, associates, consultants and vendors regularly meets and share perspectives to discuss and decide the firm’s guiding principles and business policies as it interfaces in areas such as; capacity building and policy gaps solutions, infrastructure investment, helping to provide measurable services and leadership guidance to critical industry-based infrastructure upgrade on the continent.

Our drive is to forge bilateral partnerships between small businesses and African Corporates to leverage and support enabling policies designed by public institutions.

Our legacies beyond nominal industry forces remains to cascade: Standard, Growth, Excellence, Business and Pan-Africanism. This is what motivates us.

We are inspired by these mandate to facilitate the birth of a critical mass of African private sector corporations, multinational companies and their graduation into global giants.

Because we create high and long term impact, the AI-Group Inc. is poised to become the new moderators of Africa’s multinationals and multilateral ecosystem, aimed at accelerating national, regional and continent wide economic clusters; possessing the right capacity to drive Africa’s integration, accelerate infrastructure security, invest in industrial transformation and position Africa as a global economic leader in the world stage.



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