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Aerospace And Defense

Aerospace Defense

The Aerospace and Defense Industry in Africa is a strategically important sector on the continent. The Aerospace sector in Africa is sprouting up gradually in terms of infrastructure capabilities and growth in both Defense and Civil Aviation sectors. With over 100 million in the middle-class income group who can travel at least once a year by air and Africa’s growing economy that will boost the traffic trends both in passenger and cargo, the civil aviation industry in Africa would also offers large growth opportunities.

The Aerospace and Defense industry in Africa is estimated to reach around $150 billion by 2030. Hence, Africa’s defense industry accounts for about 5.2% of the GDP. In fact, Africa has the 3rd largest defense budget in the world in terms of continental shapes.

With Africa’s ambitious, no doubt there exist enormous opportunities for foreign direct investments in Aerospace and Defense sector. Many global Aerospace and Defense companies are looking at now on the type of infrastructure Africa’s government are investing on, as a potential low-cost manufacturing destination and a high potential market. Even so, the AI-Group Inc. also commits to international collaboration, while we leverage on pan-African value chains.

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