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AI-Group Team

Our working culture is all about dreaming big and working passionately to achieve measurable results, and making your dreams come true – like an Entrepreneur. We are a close knit family and so, we always look for professionals with good family background, excellent values, ethics and beliefs in long term relationships.

We look for young, passionate and energetic professionals to join and grow with us. We have excellent career opportunities for young talent in our HR Recruitment, Training, Outsourcing, Business and Market Intelligence divisions.

We are also open to add experienced corporate professionals with minimum 10+ years’ experience, high expertise in their core domain and excellent network within their industry segment, in our Management and Associate partners. They must be highly energetic, hardworking, self-driven and passionate to grab and deliver consulting projects related to their own expert domain across Pan African and overseas locations.

We are always open to add Successful MDs, CEO Level professionals, who wish to give back to their industry. They can be part of our Interim Management division and bring desired leadership, operating experience, financial stability and the highest levels of functional and industry expertise to reinforce clients executive teams during the critical moments.

Life at AI-Group Inc. is not limited to core job roles nonetheless, it is more about realizing your full potential, stretching your limits and growing in your career. It is an opportunity to work on new challenges and learn from your colleagues, superiors and clients and make yourself a better professional every day.

We believe that the Group’s success is always a result of passion, enthusiasm, hard work and commitment to everyday work and delivery to clients.

We Invite You To Join AI-Group Inc. Family And Grow With Us

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