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Auto OEM and Auto Components

Auto OEM And Auto Components

The Auto and Auto components industry in Africa is one of the largest and fastest growing automobile industries in the world. Today Africa Auto (with assembling, parts/component production, etc. by leading pan-African automobile industries) and auto components industry is marching to reach $200 billion.

The auto-component industry of Africa has expanded by 6.9 per cent to reach at a level of US$41.3 billion in reference to China’s US$89.9 billion in second quarter of 2019. The auto-components industry accounts for 5.3 per cent of Africa’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and employs over 1.3 million people directly and indirectly.

In recent years, Africa has become the major auto hub (with Birkin Cars – South Africa, Innoson Motors – Nigeria, Kantanka Cars – Ghana, Kiira Motors Corporation – Uganda, Laraki – Morocco, Mobius Motors – Kenya, Wallyscar – Tunisia) and emerged as an important global manufacturing base for all the auto manufacturing companies on the comtinent as it provides well trained and skilled manpower at competitive cost with benefit of low cost production opportunities apart from growing market demand in Africa.

Almost all the major Global players in the Automobile and auto-components industry are setting up manufacturing plants in Africa to meet the domestic as well as global demand, while the strategy is to leverage on the demands of Made-in-Africa Automobiles components. On other side with new technologies and ever changing customer demands this industry will always have the challenges and there would be continuous need of exceptional talent for this industry who love to work on challenges and make sure to convert these challenges into the success.

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