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Automation And Robotics

Automation And Robotics

Africa’s Industrial Automation reached a market size, valued at USD$8.5 Billion in during the third quarter of 2020 Post COVID-19, which helped the continent to mitigate several strategic implementation of infrastructure and industrial reforms in critical sectors. It is further expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 9.2% from 2020-2025 in our mid-decade projection.  Rapid adoption of digital technologies has not only reduced production cost on the continent, it has further facilitated competitiveness and the need for improved quality, value addition and reliability; which is expected to drive this market further.

The A&R market is segmented by three types, namely Process automation, Factory automation and Electric automation. Several Indian companies are upgrading their existing automation technologies to reduce the production time and promote safety and efficiency in the manufacturing or processing units.

Factory Automation becomes more and more important for competitiveness of companies. Recent developments in factory optimization have forced the need to adapt machinery and other processes to make manufacturing more effective. Industrial Automation sector is opening up many opportunities for technology companies that are innovative and can cater to automotive or agricultural companies.

The number of robot installations has grown rapidly for several 3 years, between 2017 till date, with Africa experiencing a boom in the compound annual growth rate of up to 14%.

Today, the automotive industry is the largest adopter of Automation and Robotic solutions in Africa. The automotive industry remains the largest customer industry by far, with a share of 50% of total installations for modern industrial Robots. The continent is also seeing growth rate segments including food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, electronics and the logistics industry which started adopting Automation and Robotics at a much faster pace. Africa’s growing middle-class population is fuelling new consumption patterns, such as a shift towards packaged food for example and this is creating a need for flexible Automation and Robotic solutions in these new segments.

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