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AI-Group Inc. has a burning desire to revolutionize the automobile industry in Africa, where our automotive and automobile department, headed by Logistic Infrastructure management executives are positioned to provide innovative and technology driven services to 80% of global Fortune 500 automobile companies expectations.

Whilst Africa’s automobile market is still underdeveloped, we recognize the potential of the industry and foresees room for growth across the automobile value chain, including vehicle sales, aftersales, vehicle assembly and direct production.

The global automotive industry is looking for new growth opportunities and those opportunities resides in Africa. What we do as a firm is to bridge the gap and lead the Africa’s corporate business, committed towards establishing a moderate ‘Made In Africa’ Automobile facilitation hub on the continent.

Africa, being a promising and resource buoyant continent, with an emerging economy that is progressing fast and by far one of the most populated continents, presents huge opportunities for Pan-African investors in the automotive space.

Our “Made in Africa” project continues to usher in a new set of auto industry plan, which has an ambition to raise import duties on imported cars and eliminate export duties, is designed to advocate a local consumption value chain making imported used car market less attractive. This is to encourage the setting up of assembly plants in the continent to serve Africa’s domestic market.

As an Industry and Trade facilitation Group, we promise to become an automobile linkage hub in Africa.

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