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Education And Training

Education And Training

Africa currently has one of the largest networks of education institutions in the world and it’s one of the largest and fastest growing e-learning markets in the world; but hugely untapped. Developing several industry cutting edge and technology and digital solutions, the continent ultimately promises to be one of the most significant player in global Education industry.

Africa has the third world’s largest population of about 500 million in the age bracket of 5-24 years and this statistics provides a great opportunity for the education sector in Africa.

Education sector has seen a host of reforms in recent years and getting more organized than earlier. It is in this ultimate goals, we believe that our industry projections on our lined up research, development and education flagships will support in reaping the benefits of industrialization in Africa. As a part of our policy mandate on a private sector or rather public/private partnership ambition is to use some of our capacity building initiatives and flagships to drive accelerate industrial capability of the continent. Against this background, the African Institute for the Development of Infrastructure (AfIDI) was established, designed to provide infrastructure management and quality assurance capabilities and knowledge to African public and private sector personnel. The AfIDI has a potential to transition into the African University of Industrialization, Innovation and Infrastructure (AfUIII) in the next decade.

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