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Although we are not a Bank or Banking institution, that notwithstanding, considering how strategic a financially secured and independent Africa is in building an industrialized continent, we have made a major part of our workflow to entail and provide financial linkages between Small businesses and Multinationals on the continent with support from financial institutions, to increase the continent’s competitive value chains. The AI-Group Inc. believes that Africa will continue to be the loser insofar as it continues to export its raw materials and natural resources, without the urgency to address the huge challenge it is facing around finished good exports. To bridge these gaps, the corporate agenda of AI-Group is to build more efficient corporate relationship, partnership and trust with relevant pan-African financial and corporate institutions along industry competitive edge, including state and non-state banking institutions. We are reviewing and upgrading essential frameworks and Rules of Engagement with the financial sector, as a priority of our firm’s finance directorate; proving supports and financial advisories to government and private sector institution of the economy. These industries will include banks, investment, insurance and real estate firms.

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