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This segment concerns with the training program conducted, evaluated by the various initiative of the Group.

Infrastructure Management

Trade/Business Exhibition

Policy Support Dialogue And Roundtables

Africa Infrastructure, Industrialiazation And Economic Summit

Other Services

African Institute for the Development of Infrastructure (AfIDI)

The vision of the AfIDI is to amplify public-private industry growth and development, with a vested interest to empower African small and medium scale enterprise and multinationals to participate in building a robust infrastructure framework, protocols and policy path for the continent. And for the overall interest of Made in Africa (MIA) industry and infrastructure investment businesses, goods and services – with a cardinal motive to enhance quality and promote African Best Practices (ABP).

Africa University of Industrialization, Innovation and Infrastructure (AfUIII)

The AfUIII is a transition from the AfIDI Leadership institution, proposed to be first premier African University with a commitment to empower African infrastructure and industry related professional on resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovation on the continent. The AfUIII is established (still at its incubation stage) to prepare Africa’s public and private sectors managers, as well as relevant stakeholders to critical shape, re-invent and review Africa’s industrial revolution (with emphasis to 4IR, 5IR, etc.) for the next four (4) decades.

Cheetahs Project

AI-Group founded the Cheetahs project as a non-profit innovation and technology solutions, designed to focus in tackling the overall unemployment challenges in Africa, using disruptive technology solutions to power learning (Machine learning, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, etc.), knowledge and ability to expand African emerging market and business champions of the new. The Cheetahs Project was founded in 2019, with a flagship commencement of 2021 (due to the interference of COVID-19 pandemic) with a vision that, by the end of 2030, it would have trained and connected about 5,000 emerging industry sector businesses in Africa, with more than 300% financial linkages to unpack and unbundle the Africa AfCFTA Market; raising potentials resources, sales, deals and production by 70%. Thus the Cheetah Project is capable of creating jobs for Africa’s teaming youths and women.

Rethinking Africa Project (RAP)

With the concept of the “Labouratory”, the AI-Group Inc is positioned to reshape, rethink and design Africa enabling industrial growth that seeks to empower critical industry thinkers and managers – a fraternity of industry sector colleagues, inspired to use innovative groundbreaking ideals and solutions to redesign Africa. The flagship will include the training of 50 Industry Tech Accelerators (ITA) Alumni targeting about 30 pilot countries in Africa known as the “Studio Labs”. Our innovation, technology and industry sector designers and experts will work with our clients to create groundbreaking products, services and experiences.

Africa First Project

AI-Group Inc. with its offices in the 55 African Union member countries, our personnel will work our core mandate to serve clients across public and private sectors. Our focus is to hire locally and have an outreach in African research and development universities and institutions. Through the “Africa First Project” we commit to developing the next generation of industry sector leaders that takes investment and skills in promoting Africa as key priority.

Africa Disrupt Technology Labs

Because it is new initiative, we are starting as an informal IT service to help clients and AI-Group’s teams create proofs of concept; AfricaDisrupt Technology Labs grow into a thriving technology provider with series of patented African based technologists and technologies with linkage to research institutions across African Universities. This capability would help our clients put AI-Group’s recommendations into practice quickly by using agile development and rapid prototyping to build apps and other custom software. AI-Group’s target is to position itself to consciously power disruption by disrupting itself, through innovative consulting to meet the rapidly evolving needs of our clients.

Made in Africa

To disrupt productive, raw material and manufacturing architectures, the AI-Group Inc. will flagship several Made in Africa (MiA) liaison offices on the continent with a subsidiary channel to cultivate clients, while committing to the overall development of the continent. We will focus on market potentials and commerce value chain structures, with a target to disrupt supply and demand curves, ease the movement of Made in Africa goods, services and Africans across borders. Our presence in Africa is estimated to grow in the next from just a handful of people to more than pan-African Industry sector 2000 consultants globally.

Africa Research and Development Network (ARDN)

With an Africa Research and Development Network (ARDN), our firm is determined to establish an independent think tank to improve understanding of fundamental economic issues facing organizations and the continent simultaneously; providing support for research innovations and technologies to boost infrastructure resilience in Africa. The ADRN’s research agenda will cover competitiveness, financial markets, industrial growth, technology solutions, healthcare, innovation, inclusive labor markets, natural/mineral resources exploration, productivity, technology, urbanization and governance.

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