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Governance Structure

As a continental industrial investment and service sector firm, part of the commitment of AI-Group Inc. is to run a measurable service for our clientele. This is structured in fulfilling its numerous mandates, part of which is to promote the accelerated industry development for Africa and the UN Industrialization strategy for Africa. As a Group we are committed to the principles of corporate governance, capacity building, financial inclusion and technology solutions, etc.

Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO)

The Group CEO by the Group’s framework and equity is highest officer of the Africa Industrialization Group Inc. (AI-Group Inc.) He responds proactively, communication, marketing, developing and empowering the strategy of the Group in the overall interest of AI-Group’s clientele.


As a pan-African Industry Group, our Management, Partners, Associates, Consultants and Vendors comprises of dedicated, smart and performance driven personnel heading their individual corporate organizations and leading AI-Group Inc. strategic business interest, jointly working together from all our offices globally.

As a Group, we take into account a wide range of factors in our decision matrix on numerous issues in accordance with the Group’s strategic policy, rules of conducts and regulations on requirement, workflow, clientele and partners. Our smart-delivery strategy is determined by the board of ‘Strategic Networking Partners (SNPs)’ and a global management group board chaired by the Group CEO and supported by a specialized management board.

The Pan-African Board comprise of Board of Trustees, Management, Senior Partners, Associates, Corporate Partners, Vendors and Lead Consultants. The global management board’s decisions are guided by the recommendations of regional and country Board and several departments, directorates and consultancy annexes of the Group.

Strategic Networking Partners/Country Offices

This comprises of sited country offices with a 15 to 300 personnel/resource persons and specialists working in all levels of divisional competences. The Group has an annual 20 (maximum) interns’ roles, supporting the work (in specific assignments) of the Group’s country offices.


Each AI-Group’s country SNPs and relevant Associates are expected to coordinate designated departments, functions and overall mandates. The Management board, is directly supervised by an appointed Group Secretary (GS), who reports directly to the Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and through Regional Directors/Chief Operating Officers.

As a rule, the Group’s Head of Finance are required to prepare, and present financial reports and annual programmes/activity plans, budget, and share advisory opinions where necessary to the GS for onward submission to the GCEO through regional executive directors for approval or advice.

  1. Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO)
  2. Executive Secretary
  3. Strategic Networking Partners/Country Operation Officer


  1. Agriculture
  2. Innovation, Automation, Robotics and Technology Solutions
  3. Construction and Engineering
  4. Finance and Issurance
  5. Health and Wellbeing
  6. Environmental Resilience
  7. Energy & Critical Infrastructure
  8. Manufacturing, Processing & Packaging
  9. Mining, Minerals, Oil & Gas and Extraction
  10. Steel and Heavy Metal
  11. Telecommunication
  12. Automobile
  13. Textile
  14. Transportation and Logistics
  15. Corporate Governance

Our Commitment 

We are aware that our clients, represents unique players and are among elite performers in their industries and sectors. AI-Group offers expertise and resourcefulness to highly motivated industry executives seeking to gain, or retain a competitive advantage, or joint partnership with investors to improve their investment portfolios. Industries in which we excel, including but not limited to agriculture, automobile, chemicals, defense, education, financial services & insurance, food security, healthcare, information, manufacturing, construction, mining & extraction, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, professional services, retail & wholesale, technology, transportation & warehousing, utilities and many others.

Our Clients

We provide custom-tailored professional services to Fortune 500 and mid-size industry clients around Africa and elsewhere. We are established to serve many of the continent’s most inspired brands. Our engagements have produced significant outcomes for renowned organizations.

System Complexity

Production systems will become ever more complex and more and more production critical operations will depend on networked systems. The importance of managing configuration, software versioning and access control will be vital to maintain quality control and uptime in production.

Maintenance Solutions

AI-Group Inc. can manage your entire industrial service delivery, whilst supporting our customers with preventive maintenance programs. Our maintenance solutions help customers optimize performance, decrease production downtime and ensure the right quality of products and/or services; all within a controlled maintenance cost.

Human Factors 

The human factors will play an important role for the future. Our future Automation/Mechatronics operators need to adopt the new technologies available to leverage the potential. To do that, systems must be user friendly and the vast amount of data created in the connected automated process needs to be processed with the most important information presented to the operator.

Connected Automation 

AI-Group Inc. is now taking its vision of smart factory to a higher level. Called “Connected Automation”, it addresses the challenges faced by manufacturing companies of how best to use the data collected in their production. The concept shows how to generate value by utilizing data created by AI-Group Inc., smart tools and solutions at each phase of a customer’s process – from design, prototype, to assembly.

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