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We put Health, Wellbeing and Environmental Resilience as the core of AI-Group Inc.’s priority. Our Industry-based health-community approach has a critical role in the response to climate change; prioritizing Industry-related healthcare infrastructure investments is at the core of what we do. The emerging evidence and experience in this area suggest that to be fully effective, this requires a broad public health approach, including not only the preventive, therapeutic and curative functions that are under direct control of the formal health sector, but also appropriate leadership, guidance, project, infrastructures and regulatory oversights with regard to health-determining sectors and functions, such as water and sanitation, or disaster risk reduction.

Our ambition around Healthcare and Environmental resilience in Africa is to support small and medium to emerging multinational private sector forms to strengthen strong influence of social determinants on health vulnerabilities, overall progress in alleviation of poverty, reduction of inequities in the social and environmental determinants of health, and strengthening of basic public health interventions are critical to health protection from climate change. There is also a need for more specific efforts to adapt to changing climate through a continuing and iterative process of assessing health risks, identifying, prioritizing, and implementing adaptation options, and monitoring and evaluation. We seek to partner with public and private institutions to accelerate innovative solutions and disruptive infrastructure in this sector.

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