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African IT & ITeS industry is growing at less than 10% CAGR for last 5 years and is expected to keep this pace in the next 10 years with moderately accelerated increase. Pan African IT/ITeS infrastructure and service companies are expanding in global markets also and have set up over 200 global delivery centers in about 50 countries across the world.

The e-commerce space in Africa has seen remarkable growth in the past decade and continues to grow at an annual rate much better than the rest of the world considering low penetration.

Customers have the ever-increasing choice of products at the lowest rates. E-commerce is probably creating the biggest revolution in the retail industry and this trend would continue in the years to come. Moreover, Africa is almost becoming the digital capabilities hub of the world with around 40 per cent of global digital talent present on the continent, with ambitious potential to exceed India and China.

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