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First, our main focus is to coordinate innovations, technology solutions and disruption of multiple Sectors to an accelerated growth in Africa.

As a professional industry based specialist, AI-Group Inc. is keen to sponsoring and supporting agglomeration of industries engaged in chemical, mechanical, or physical transformation of materials, substances, or components into consumer or industrial goods, hinged on what the African single Market (AfCFTA) promises.

Our second most important engagement is on manufacturing processes, which comprises steps through which raw materials are transformed into final products for clean, standardized, quality and assured African market that the AfCFTA provides.

The AI-Group Inc. has developed connected automation that consists of processes, beginning with the creation of the materials from which the industry designs are made. Due to our Megatrend priority, these materials are then modified through manufacturing processes with a scale up of value addition where it is finally consumed. All these form the requisite part of the manufacturing architecture that we will henceforth pay single and most trusted attention to ahead of the journey of industrializing Africa.

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