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Among our Engineering Associates, we focus on team building in order to deliver measurable, scalable, solid and bankable services to our client. Everything we do revolves around our strategic team – this is the kind of ‘Leadership’ AI-Group Inc. refers to as “Engineering Associates”. Our core value has remained our driving force in our quest to deliver continuous value to all our stakeholders.

As part of the Group’s commitment to deliver exceptional Client’s Service tailored to our contracts, we have reviewed our organization and its operation. The outcome of the review resulted in positives changes to the Group’s facility management (FM) operating systems and process that will directly benefit service delivery to our clients and customers.

The key tenets of the new arrangements are to provide:

  • Absolute accountability for financial control and service delivery
  • Maximized efficiency of operations so as to provide best value for our Clients
  • Controlled effectiveness of trades, so as to deliver on the agreed service level, timing and quality performance criteria.
  • Flexibility, to enable AI-Group Inc. deliver on the dynamically variable needs of our clients and their customers


The Facility Management Division (FMD) is coordinated directly by the Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO), to be supported by Country Managing Directors (CMD) of designated Country office FMD. The CMD assume full responsibility for every activity of the company as such he oversees all operations of the company, provides funds and ensures the display of technologically backed workmanship leading to the delivery of client satisfaction in terms of product functionally serviceability and durability. His effort is however collaborated with the contribution of the first-line managers, Project Manager, Contract Manager and Financial Manager.

Contract Manager

He is responsible for the undertaking of all commercial bids and construction cost activities of the company. He is deeply involved in outsourcing of materials, and workmen, the administration of project cost and sub-contract works.

Project Manager

He is a certified project manager and a member of project management institute. He is to assume the position of overall boss on site and would be saddled with the responsibilities of running the project. He oversees the construction works and attends to the administrative structure. He has the authority of the company to represent our organization in whatever capacity as you may require. Moreover, his duties includes setting-up of site; site capacity build-up; logistic management, interplay of material and human resources, structural stability of the built structure, Quality control and safety of workmen.


He is responsible for all financial and administration matters. He maintains a perfect interface between the company operations and the financial institutions such as Bank, Insurances Companies, Tax Consultancies and Auditor. He is primarily responsible for company financial updates.


He would be responsible to the project manager on his project, prime amongst his duties is to monitor, co-ordinate and supervise all site productions. He is also responsible for implementation of all monitoring & control methodology, generating weekly periodic report for the purpose of appraisal & control, and liaises and awaits instructions/ approval of consultants on technical problems during construction process. Site Engineer is empowered to stand-in for the project manager and represent the interest of the company at all site meetings. He is scheduled to have direct relationship with the Project Quantity Surveyor, the Quality Assurance Officer, the Store Keeper and Workmen.


He is an engineer and is scheduled to compliment site engineer responsibilities. He would be required to study production information documents, which amongst others include Bill of quantities, Drawings, Specifications, and all other related documents to the execution of this project with a view of taking note of all required specifications, material details, workmanship and interface details that could affect efficient and economic site production.


He is responsible for engendering materials, labour and plants requirements for works execution. His duties will primarily include preparation of valuation of work done and project financial statement for the company’s information and attention.


AI-Group Inc. corporate are knit-tight in providing vendor opportunity and e-commerce dashboard to Made-In-Africa goods, as well as pan-African service sector.

The AI-Group Inc. SAD has a commitment to improve on the quality assurance of vendors on our various dash board

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