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The AI-Group Inc. is deeply interested in bringing proven solutions, product development, industrial imperatives and business building experience to sub-Saharan Africa, connecting socio-economic dots capable of inspiring diaspora African business community, investors and partners, and delivering world-class project execution capabilities for our numerous clients. We support clients and partners with radical innovative solutions and technology disruptions, enabling them to rise to the challenge of pushing Africa on the path of industrialization as a global player.

We work very closely with our clients to understand and shape solutions, including seconding our people onto client teams. This unique approach provides us with key insights into the challenges that our clients face on a day-to-day basis and help us innovate across products, services and business models to address those challenges.

AI-Group Inc.

The AI-Group Inc. is a young and dynamic industry registered as an International Business Corporation in Canada on February 2020, with an informal start of operation since November 2018. We are a governance and infrastructure firm with operations across Africa.

We are an industry sector firm that provides measurable services to our clients, building on the tripod pillars of integrity, professionalism, entrepreneurial, industry value chains, innovative and development driven spirit. We delivers quality across all our business segments and sectors with unparalleled insights.

Our key focus is Africa and we operate through six main services – technology/engineering solutions, commerce and trade linkages, corporate governance, capacity building, research and development and strategic advisory. We also cover a broad range of sectors including technology, education, public sector, financial services, manufacturing, real estate, facility management, infrastructure and industry relations, climate change and agriculture.


Be it Management Consulting or HR Recruitments or even a training services, we always understand client needs and work closely with them as a partner while we deliver what we commit.

Because our interest is purely pan-African, developing everyday scalable solutions for the continent’s overall prosperity, socioeconomic and industrial transformation, the AI-Group Management Team combines deep technical capabilities with strong academic rigor in its business operations. Additionally, we work with our foreign partners to unlock values in Africa, executing challenging engineering projects.


As a Critical Industry Group, we invest our resources where and when we see opportunities. We help clients especially public and non-state institutions find capital and other financial solutions through our possible networks in North America, Europe and Asia.

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