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Pharmaceuticals And Medical Products

Pharmaceuticals And Medical Products

Africa in recent years has become one of the global leaders in Pharmaceuticals and Medical Products sector and also the largest provider of herbal drugs globally after China. Africa pharmaceutical value chain sector industry supplies over 40 per cent of global demand for various vaccines.

The African government has taken many positive steps to improve healthcare focus and infrastructure, reduce costs and bring down healthcare expenses. Better Regulatory affairs and speedy introduction of generic drugs into the market has remained in focus and is expected to benefit the African pharmaceutical companies. In addition, the thrust on rural health programs, generic and lifesaving drugs and preventive vaccines also drive the growth of the African pharmaceutical companies in coming years. The growth will be further fueled by rising population, more focus on lifestyle, changing environment, changing work styles and increase in per capita income.

On other hand this industry will have major challenges like low public investments, poor health infrastructure and shortage of right skill manpower. We at AI-Group Inc feels that this challenge of shortage of quality manpower as opportunity to support this sector. We help Pharma companies in identifying the right talent for their manpower requirements across all functions and levels. With the fact that we need to provide the scientific talent for this industry, we offer the mixture of both educational and functional expertise and provide our clients the dedicated Executive personnel, consultants and senior lead partners understands the critical requirements and support in providing right talent for every client.

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