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We, at AI-Group Inc. are keen on preserving the ecosystem. The Group endeavour to use eco-friendly products in all the services we offer. For instance, and in our civil engineering and facility management associate sector, especially in our exterior and interior ‘Painting’ jobs we use paints that contain zero or low volatile organic compounds (VOC).


Paints that contain VOC in high amounts are toxic and dangerous to human health. And cause harm to the environment. When inhaled over a period of time VOCs can cause persistent headaches and dizziness.

Effects on the Environment

When VOC’s react with oxygen, they can form ‘bad’ ozone in the presence of sunlight. This is a contributory factor to the greenhouse effect and a cause of global warming. Because we care about the wellbeing of society, The AI-Group observe a low tolerance for VOC paints. Presently, we are structuring more social responsibility activities. They will be presented soon.

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