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The Steel Industry will continue to serve as stimulus to national development and economy boaster to industrial development of Africa. The Steel industry serves as the backbone of industrialization in Africa not just in building vast railway or heavy-duty assets, if all the necessary parameters are put in place. The benefits of having a functional steel industry are projected to translate to a functional continent. Our priority as a company is to support the steel industry value chains, which is design through our automated disruptions, estimated to contribute to all the facets of Africa’s economy, including the important role steel plays in economic development and growth.

Steel making requires iron ore, coking coal and lime stone as input ingredients, out of which Africa is self-sustaining in iron ore and lime stone whereas large part of the coking coal requirement of the domestic steel industry is being met through import. This is where the Group, through private sector action and collaboration with public and private sector institutions is determined to change the narrative.

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