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Technology (R & D) Centres

Technology (R And D) Centres 

Africa has long branded itself as the world’s leading outsourcing destination for global companies, particularly for those in the Technology sector. Today Africa is emerging as global Technology Hub and many good multinationals are relocating their Technology (R&D) Centres to Africa. The recent approach made by Google and Amazon with the AfCFTA secretariat in Ghana, is an indication that players are identifying the market potentials already; and African homegrown capabilities must not be ignored in the build to technology transformation on the continent with players strategically positioning. These technology centres being projected will not only cater to Africa’s industrial development needs, but also cater to their global Product development requirements.

To maintain this momentum further, Africa needs to improve on government regulations to encourage support for technological innovation, develop and train tech talent and incentivize it to stay on the continent. Africa also needs to attract significant foreign and domestic investment in technology. If we could meet these requirements, Africa has true potential to become the world’s next Silicon Valley.

Notwithstanding that India has been a destination for low-cost, outsourced software, Technology and support services since the late 1980s considering cost effective destination for leading global multinationals; Africa nonetheless has began to leapfrog, appreciating the growing infrastructure priorities and needs.

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